When we do nothing, the vultures win.

A vulture overlooks an emaciated Sudanese girl in 1993. Photo copyright Kevin Carter and the New York Times

In 1993, after capturing this heart-wrenching image, photo-journalist Kevin Carter walked away. He was less than 1 kilometer from the U. N. food camp toward which the Sudanese girl was crawling, yet he offered no assistance. No one knows what happened to the girl. Presumably, the vulture ate her.

She was the first victim of his inaction.

In 1994, Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for his effort. Two months later, he rigged a garden hose from his truck's exhaust pipe to its passenger window, rolled the windows up, turned the engine over, and laid down. He was later found dead.

He was the second victim of his inaction.

When we do nothing, the vultures win.